The Equip to Lead Summit is presented by I Am My Pieces LLC in partnership with Equip to Lead International Alliance. Collectively, these women have over two decades of experience from Entrepreneurship to the C-Suite. They are leaders who are skilled in crafting relevant and transformational events for professional learning and networking communities. 

Margaret Debellotte

Margaret DeBellotte is best known as Ms. D., the Job Coach. After more than 20 years of experience in Human Resources roles, she has narrowed her focus to helping people find employment. Over the last 10 years focusing on specializing in hard-to-place candidates; recent college graduates, career-changing mature professionals, and persons with background barriers. Margaret is a Career Coach Human Resources Consultant, and Certified Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP) Practitioner. Margaret will use the EMP and the Inside-Out Coaching model to help you see and remove performance barriers aligning you for career advancement.

Alongside her role in helping people get and advance in their careers, Margaret is a humanitarian, believing humanity desires to survive and thrive. So she did what Margaret does; she created a movement, #ChangetheWorld. The idea behind the movement is to encourage people to engage in life and do something that matters. She teaches that humans are matter, and they do matter. Three years ago, she set out to build something, a tribe that has grown into more than 300 like-minded individuals who, with a spirit of love and compassion, intend to #ChangetheWorld.

MARCH 4-5, 2022


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