The Equip to Lead Summit is presented by I Am My Pieces LLC in partnership with Equip to Lead International Alliance. Collectively, these women have over two decades of experience from Entrepreneurship to the C-Suite. They are leaders who are skilled in crafting relevant and transformational events for professional learning and networking communities. 

Carol Campbell-Fullard

I Am My Pieces, LLC

Carol Campbell-Fullard, the CEO and Founder of I Am My Pieces, LLC is the visionary behind The Equip to Lead Summit. She is an ICF Certified Professional Coach and Educator, who works with individuals and organizations to develop successful breakthrough transformational strategies. She has worked with many clients to create and execute actionable success metrics to grow and expand their vision. 

Carol is a speaker and leadership facilitator who believes in leading from the “inside out.” As an educational leader and emotional intelligence coach, she offers a distinctive approach to meeting the needs of clients by uniquely positioning them to utilize emotional intelligence and disrupt inefficient patterns so they become confident individuals and balanced leaders. Over the years she has provided many innovative workshops to include mindset shift, social-emotional wellness, developing vision, facilitating leadership and transformation, building teams, strengthening organizational culture and climate.

Carol received her Bachelors from Ithaca College, Masters in Education from City University of New York Lehman College and Executive Master’s in Leadership from Georgetown University. She also holds both an Advanced Professional Teacher and Administrator I and II Certifications.  She is an Amazon best selling co-author of the book Unmute Yourself. This anthology encourages women to find the strength to speak their truth unapologetically. She is also a contributing author of the Amazon best selling book,  Unleash Your Undeniable Impact  with Dr. Cheryl Wood and Les Brown. Her solo project Disrupt or Die: An Educator’s Journey is set to be released in early 2022.

Dr. Troy Fitzpatrick

TLC Leadership Consulting

I am Dr. Troy Fitzpatrick, the founder and CEO of TLC Leadership  Developing Consulting, a boutique consulting agency that equips and  empowers professionals to develop Leadership qualities to thrive at  work, at home, and in life. 

I specialize in interpersonal communication and influencing skills. I  provide practical tips, proven strategies, constructive feedback, and  encouragement to help clients own their brilliance, reclaim their  power, and embody excellence. 

With a focused approach as a Coach and Educator, People and  Culture Specialist, Emotional, Social, and Power Skills Trainer, and  Effective Communication and Business Instructor, I will assist you in  navigating your personal leadership development. 

I am a proud member of the Board of Regents for OGS Graduate  School and the Board of the Catawba Community Mental Health  Center .  I have over 25 years as a Human Resource Professional and  Corporate Trainer Expert specializing in leadership development and  diversity training.

Marquessa Keith

Adkins & Keith Consultants, LLC and FitNLadyLike

I am Marquessa Keith, Owner of Adkins & Keith Consultants, LLC and FitNLadyLike, and I am an Extreme Execution Certified Coach and Consultant under world-renowned motivational genius Dr. Eric Thomas. My travel worldwide, diverse coaching style, and leadership skills throughout life gave me tremendous insight into cultural differences and human interactions. I help introverts persevere through life-altering experiences in health and wellness, career strategy, leadership development, and pain to passion. I work with parents and guardians caring for children 15 years old or younger who have lost one or both parents; I am proudly serving my country as a highly trained Army Acquisitions Officer with a rewarding list of positions spanning over 15 years of experience. I seek to inspire through motivational speaking, panel discussions, and finding ways to give back to youth development programs

Safiya Johnson

Safiya Group

Leadership Strategist and CEO, Safiya Group.  She is the Leadership Strategist and CEO of Safiya Group who helps executives and executive teams exceed every goal they set for themselves. She is a best-selling author and is an international speaker who has shared the stage with persons such as Les Brown and Dr. Cheryl Wood.

Additionally, via her company, Safiya Group, Safiya and her team provide specialist accounting, human resource and strategic planning services.

Safiya is a Chartered Accountant and MSc in Management with a focus on Leadership and being in executive management for over 15 years, managing and leading teams in the private, public and non-profit sectors.

Safiya is also the Founder of Mighty Warrior: The Conference.

At heart, Safiya is passionate about seeing people and organizations grow!

To find out more about Safiya and her work, visit www.SafiyaJohnson.com and www.SafiyaGroup.com.


Marteka Landrum

Positive Changes 11 LLC

Marteka Landrum, the founder and CEO of Positive Changes 11 LLC is originally from Topeka, Kansas. She attended college at Howard University, Washburn University, and Wichita State University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Education in 2001. In 2004, she received certification in English as a Second Language. In 2020, Marteka relocated to Northwest Arkansas. In 2021, she published her first book Broken Warrior: Be Empowered to Overcome.

Marteka enjoys helping others find their truth. She is a community builder who focuses on the individual. She has worked with various people groups and families across four continents, along with various counties across the United States. Marteka’s gift is her voice and ability to reach others with her insight. Her purpose is to teach others how to be free. Through writing this book, Marteka hopes to let Christians know they can overcome past trauma, even after several years. Readers will be empowered to combat the lies, recognize who they were created to be, and have a strategy for moving forward. Marteka can be found on Instagram and Facebook @positive_changes11.

MARCH 4-5, 2022


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